Does Asia Beautiful Fellow select a fellow in certain fields?

Yes. Fellows are selected in two areas: projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions or reinforce greenhouse gas sinks (Mitigation of Climate change) and projects to promote people’s adjustment to the impacts of the climate crisis (Adaptation of Climate change).

① Mitigation of Climate change

: Projects to reduce or restrict greenhouse gas emissions or reinforce the collection of greenhouse gas. Projects should have a clear goal and specific means of implementation, such as the distribution of low-carbon energy and the reduction of final energy demand.

energy / transportation / buildings / agriculture /  forestry, Other land Uses /  others


② Adaptation to Climate change

Projects to increase adjustment and resilience to climate change and climate-related risks and reduce the vulnerability of people and the ecosystem. 

health / disasters / agriculture and animal husbandry / forestry / ecosystems / water / ocean and marine / others

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